Territorial resilience and post-pandemic governance in analysing the Next Generation EU instrument and the Italian recovery and resilience plan

The paper analyses the meanings of resilience in the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility Regulation 2021/241 and the Italian recovery and resilience plan (PNRR).
The paper analyses: 1) The resilience meanings in social sciences: personal, territorial, organisational, administrative; 2) Legal approaches on resilience in common law scholars, focusing the concept of adaptive law; 3) The emerging of resilience in international disaster and humanitarian law, in environmental law and in EU law; 4)The territorial resilience as legal concept in civil law systems? The Italian public law tools facing the recent national and regional statutory provisions about the strengthening of territorial resilience; 5) The Italian legal model of socio-economic and environmental planning and the PNRR. Equal social dignity, cohesion, subsidiarity and participatory democracy in reshaping the public intervention; 6) Between panarchy and epistocracy. Aporias of territorial resilience in post-pandemic governance.