Technology and the Future of Public Law: Enhancing Access to Justice through Technology and Innovation

The Justice Delivery System of the State rests on the assumption that the citizens have a fundamental ‘right to access justice’. Due to huge arrears and pendency of cases in the Indian courts the State is miserable failing in its duty to guarantee the right of speedy and effective justice to the litigants. To aggravate the situation further, the spread of pandemic COVID-19 in the year 2020 has led to closure of physical court complexes, leading to denial of access to courts to all. Technology promises to address the fundamental crisis in the Justice Delivery System and enhance the access to justice for all.
Concern regarding issues that technology-based solutions bring to the table. First is the ‘digital-divide’. Second is proficiency of English language. Third is the rights of disabled people. The authors in the paper argue that policy makers must adopt a principled approach to address the concerns & issues before rolling out any technology-oriented justice delivery in the system.