Taking the rule of law crisis seriously or unveiling the limits of the ‘integration through law’ process? The Commission v. Poland I and Commission v. Poland II cases – Discussants: Giulia Gentile, Paolo Fernandes

The aim of this work is to cast a light on recent developments occurred in the ‘rule of law crises’ in Poland and Hungary, moving from some relevant procedural and substantive breakthroughs that come to light from the two rulings held by the CJEU in the Commission v. Poland cases. The mainly legalistic approach adopted by EU institutions to face these crises revealed, as a nemesis, the very political nature of the on-going clash and of the arguments deployed by the actors involved on both sides. Therefore, boosting public debate on the limits of the ‘integration through law’ process seems to be only way – though cumbersome – to deal with the side effects of a strictly legalistic approach to the rule of law crises and to safeguard a jurisdictional and constitutional integration that cannot weigh anymore solely on European and national jurisdictional bodies’ fragile shoulders.