“Taking Control Seriously”: Citizens vis-à-vis EU Governance

Recent political events, Brexit being the most emblematic, have shown a widespread frustration of citizens at the perceived loss of control vis-à-vis EU governance. The main purpose of the paper is to address the issue of control separating facts from demagogic fiction, and to investigate the contribution of administrative law tools. It seeks to address four questions: 1) What does it mean for European citizens to have control or to feel in control? How does this reverberate on legitimacy of the EU? 2) To what extent and how has the issue of control been affected by a real loss of control or by a politically induced perception of such loss? 3) Looking at the administrative dimension of European governance, to what extent, and how do the current administrative tools set at the European level increase, or otherwise undermine, the sentiment of control of EU citizens? 4) What measures, alone or reciprocally combined, can actually contribute to the increase of the sentiment of control?