“Supremo Tribunal Federal on the scene: the construction of the protagonist court”

The purpose of the presentation is to reconstruct the protagonist role of
the Supremo Tribunal Federal. If before the STF was a timid court and without
institutional conditions for the expansion of its political power, the Federal
Constitution of 1988 created conditions and institutional factors for its expansion in order to bring it to the center of Democracy. There is a strong judicialization of politics, which seeks in the Judiciary the political effectiveness not achieved by traditional means and elements. In contrast there is a strong judicial activism on the part of the Federal Supreme Court in decision-making in the political field. In this sense, the proposed study will use the literature review and empirical analysis of the main decisions highlighted by the court in the last two decades, with the method of jurisprudential review, in order to analyze the construction of the court as a strong protagonist on the scene.