Squaring the Circle; Participation and Adaptation in Legal Framework Composition as a Democratic Process regarding AI regulation

Battle to evade democratic law seen in Google Spain.Google said automation shields intermediary using tech from legal responsibility making true Barlow’s idea tech would win over rule of law as traditional government has no sovereignty here2)should regulatory responsibilityexist, can only be one global regime, presumably the US, thus hard for nonUS residents to seek justice.Solution is for democracies to come together to devise a framework.Critics say impreciselaw shouldn’tbe adopted.Yet law acquired by democratic process requires compromise.Compromise of texts in democracy fulfil their function as compromise is reached, progressing towards consensus on rules we wish to live by.Laws are to be applied/interpreted by humans who can reason.Later interpretation by judges gives flexibility to adopt new requirements sans rewriting.Requiring precision/rewriting is antidemocratic;ignores democratic deliberation/compromise/time for due process.