Spanish Autonomous State: regulation, development and, final crisis?

We will analyze the creation, development and perspectives of the Autonomus State regulated by the Spanish Constitution of 1978. We will study, first, its constitutional frame: general characteristics, principles, types of Autonomous Communities, ways of exercise of the right to self-government, competences of the Autonomous Communities and Statutes of Autonomy. Secondly, we will examine the evolution of the Autonomous State from 1978 to the present. Finally, we will analyze the process that reached its highest point in the declaration of independence of Catalonia passed in 2017 by the Catalan Parliament as well as the regulation contained in the Spanish Constitution of 1978 concerning the “right to decide” or the “right of secession” or the “disappearance of a State by separation of its parts”. The Constitution contains an appropriate regulation of the secession of a part of the State since the “right of secession” is a consequence of the exercise of the power of constitutional review