Spanish abortion constitutionalism: What will it be?

For years, the Spanish Constitutional Court delayed its decision on a pending constitutional review challenging Spain’s 2014 periodic model abortion law. A decision is expected in the near future. Spain’s conservative Court may uphold the law exercising both judicial self-restraint and political judgment, but it may also strike down the current law. Most regressive, and maybe unlikely, would be for it to force a return to an indications model of abortion. More likely, though also regressive, might be the imposition of certain requirements, such as, for instance, a prior dissuasive counselling procedure which, in the name of giving protection to the unborn, would de facto restrict women´s access to abortion and, just as importantly, symbolically alter its meaning in stigmatizing ways. In so doing, it might find itself in the situation of picking from various existing European precedents including those in Germany and Portugal.