Source of Resilience in Hong Kong’s Politico-Legal Culture: Comparative Perspectives from Macau

This paper presents comparative perspectives from Macau regarding sources of resilience in the Chinese Special Administrative Regions (SARs). It will signal what in my view are commonalities between the two SARs, the main differences as well as the paths of evolution verified on both sides of the Pearl River estuary autonomic territorial entities. Some aspects present themselves as more relevant, e.g. the Rule of Law, the courts, constitutional review, Art 23 of the Basic Laws and Interpretation of such Laws. Diverging from early trends, both SARs are now on a path of convergence in which HK has regressed whereas Macau has progressed modestly in some areas that, by the end of the day, in its point of contact, suggest apprehensions and worries regarding the structural principles, e.g. of a high degree of autonomy, the Rule of Law.