Soft law and dialogue with entrepreneurs as effective forms of regulation of contemporary telecommunications markets

The change in the culture of doing business on the telecommunications market meant that hard regulation tools, such as regulatory decisions, began to be replaced by soft actions.In my paper, I examine whether the soft forms of operation of the Polish telecommunications market regulatory authority are conducive to the proper functioning of this market and ensuring the competitiveness of services offered. In my paper I focus on the following issues:
1. At the current stage of development of the telecommunications market, it is necessary to search for such forms of action that will effectively ensure the implementation of regulatory policy;
2. There is a need to develop a dialogue with the market in order to prevent infringements and not punish and try to remove the effects of infringements. This need is conditioned on the one hand by the expectations of entrepreneurs operating on this market, and on the other by the need to meet the requirements of good administration.