Shibboleth – the politics of membership

Shibboleth, a password, a sound design to draw distinctions. When it is wrong pronounced, it is exclusionary. “Ear of grain,” it literally means. It became a test word. A shibboleth to identify the enemy. Paul Celan wrote in 1955 a poem with this name. In Celan’s poem, crying out shibboleth is searching for nothing because his homeland was already pulled down by the Nazis. He uses many shibboleths, but the whole world has gone. Only memory could make justice to him. To put it bluntly, a constitution cannot only a form of analytical regulation of rights and institutions. A constitution should aim at a form of redemption through the elimination of citizenships and borders. In this term, redemption means full integration of the foreigner without any distinction. I will seek to explain how we could reach a global consciousness that can change the grammar of the “I” through a “constitutional redemption.”