Shades of Constitutions and Constitutionalism as a 3-Dimensional Concept: National, Post-National and Co-owned Elements

There are national constitutional examples that are so diverse in origin, character and scope as to create a constitutional spectrum consisting of shades of constitutionalism. What unities those diverse constitutional examples is the adherence to certain specific principles.Constitutional normativity is challenged by the supranational example. In addition, there is the complementing dimension of influencing the content, interpretation and judicial perception of constitutional rules through the formation of common principles of understanding.Those take the form of a co-owned constitutional space by the national and the post-national examples. The constitutional discourse is 3-dimensional: national, post-national and co-owned.The discourse should be about the debate and the process of constitutionalism as a fluid never-ending phenomenon rather than about constitutions as rigid insulated entities. What remains contentious is the sovereignty issue as the origin of constitutionalism.