Semi-presidentialism in Brazil: perspectives and opportunity

National politics has its facts and moments in which certain ideas, propositions and thoughts emerge that seem to trigger a debate in which the legal and academic communities hold special importance. What is happening now with the discussion about semi-presidentialism is one such moment, along with other important issues such as the electoral model, the participation of the military in politics and the balance of powers, etc. As long as I can recollect, the number of times that I have seen this occur – countless occasions with proposals for constitutional amendment (apart from legal ones) – is lost in my memory. In this presentation, I would like to address the issue of semi-presidentialism. Is it a system of government? Is it a way, a differentiated logistical way for presidentialism to behave? A political invention of occasion (the famous “casuísmos” in portuguese) for the times of the Bolsonaro government or even for the prospect of a possible election of Lula in 2022