Seguridad alimentaria en Brasil – Análisis bajo el enfoque del ciclo de las políticas públicas

Proper nutrition is recognized as a basic human right since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is guaranteed by art. 6 of the Federal Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil. The first Provisional Measure by the current government, MP No. 870/2019, extinguished the National Council for Food and Nutrition Security (Consea), a consultative body for guidelines and budget. This extinction can lead to the emptying of social participation in the evaluation of that public policy. The objective of this research will be to analyze the policy from the perspective of the public policies cycle. To do a review of the literature of public policies, nutrition, law, the documents by the Brazilian Federal Government, from 2004 to 2019, on the public budget. In the case of public budget analysis and the fiscal austerity that began in 2016. It is of great importance to determine whether vulnerable social groups are having their rights to food security and nutrition reduced in Brazil.