Security-based migration laws in Europe. Crimmigration against “the Others”

Since 1990. European societies have become more and more distant towards migrants who started to be perceived as the “Others”. This fueled the expansion of anti-immigration discourse, followed by increasing fear of migrants and its presence. It reflected on the decisions taken by the member states’ governments and strongly influenced the process of creation of the migration law. The effect of it is introduction a security-based migration law in the EU countries. Existing legal provisions allow public authorities to undertake actions aimed on prevention of arrival of migrants on the EU territory, impediment in an admission process of asylum seekers including their forced returns, and compulsory removals of ‘unwanted’ categories of migrants. To make this operations more successful institutions previously known and tested in criminal law was merged with migration law. In this paper I would like to present how this process called crimmigration works on the Eastern borders of the EU.