Rule of law in international community in the era of globalization

Rule of law is prerequisite for peaceful resolving of conflicts in the world in which still, bellum omnium contra omnes, prevails. In such situation, it is important that powerful countries restrain themselves by the rules they accepted in order to preserve a major interest. Classical example of such self-restraining is the case of Julian Assange, where UK Government respected the rule of inviolability of the premises of Embassy of Ecuador. But, unfortunately, there are also many opposite examples. This paper will analyze the crisis of the principle of rule of law in the contemporary world. Special attention will be given to two cases of violation of the international law: the Russian aggression in Ukraine and Greek unlawful breach of principle pacta sunt servanda by imposing veto on Macedonian accession to NATO in 2008. Despite of use of different kind of force by these countries, in both cases the rules of international law were violated and the principle of rule of law undermined.