El derecho a la paz y el valor jurídico de los Acuerdos de Paz.

Colombian Constitution recognized the Right to Peace in 1991. Peace is both, an individual and a collective right. As an individual right, its holders are all human beings. As a collective right, its holders are peoples and communities affected by war. Then, a Peace Agreement (PA) should be demanded not only by those who signed a PA , but also by the holders of the Right to Peace. Additionally, peace has a negative and a positive component. Negative peace is related to the end of the armed conflict and peace-keeping process. Positive peace is related to the comprehensive protection of Human Rights, conditions for development and reduction of inequality. How can this characterization of the Right to Peace contribute to defining juridical nature –or not- of the Final Agreement signed by the Colombian Government with the guerrilla FARC? The Colombian Constitutional Court addressed this topic when studying the constitutional amendment about juridical value of the PA (AL 02/17).