Right to Move vs. Right to Remain. Lectures from the Environmental and Pandemic Experiences

The research focuses on rights and freedoms of individuals, jeopardized by environmental disasters and by the Covid-19 pandemic. Both pandemics and environmental hazards can indeed deeply affect the freedom of movement. Climate changes and environmental degradation are considered as push and pull factors with respect to migration flows. Therefore, the progressive worsening of climate change is dramatically increasing the number of people forced to move, looking for better life conditions. In addition, due to the Covid-19 pandemic physical distance, social distancing and some governmental measures restricting movement have clashed with social economic and civil rights, giving rise to a harsh debate about their consistency with the constitutional dimension.
The paper argues that in order to face these challenges, public powers are required to elaborate solutions and take actions inspired by the values of resilience and solidarity to kick off the “new normal” (UE Commission, 2021).