Revitalization of EU Constitutionalism?

This paper will claim that despite the negative experience from the past nothing in the nature of constitutionalism as a concept stands in the way of the European Union eventually adopting a constitution. Of turning the EU tacit and silent constitutionalism into an explicit one. What is more, the past crises of European integration, which have been more in suspense rather than resolved, might make the case for explicit constitutionalization of the EU even stronger. While it is thus by no means certain that constitutionalism is a normatively and empirically viable alternative for shaping the future of the European Union, and while this cannot be known until it is tried, the paper will claim, in conclusion, that there are indeed good reasons to try it again, at least as a ‘thought experiment’. Eventually it will be for the political process and its pragmatic considerations to decide whether to cope with constitutional problems of the EU explicitly in a constitutional way or not.