Regulating without Regulation? Regulating without the Sovereign? The Transition from Government to Governance on the example of the GDPR.

Globalisation, the development of transnational law and strengthening of the position of private entities enforce changes in the approach towards the government: in order to support its legitimization and build trust for the state it is necessary to shift from government to governance. The concept implies that significant redistribution of political power, combined with enhancing the presence of non-governmental organisations, epistemic communities, “networked structures” and public-private partnerships, plays a role in improving the efficiency of the state and international organisations. In our paper we examine how does the concept of good governance has been implemented in the regulatory framework provided by the General Data Protection Regulation. The reason for choosing this example is the fact that it has an impact on all of the dimensions of reality: public and individual, business and citizens, political life and everyday life.