Regional Constitutinalism: Asia in Focus

The rise of Asia has had tremendous impacts on the rise and fall of regional
geopolitical powers in the region and in the globe as well. Three angles are presented to analyze Asia: tradition and transpalnt, transition and institution, and globalization and competition. Special attention is paid to the formation of regional constituional dialogue among Constituions, state governments, courts, civil societies, and other public and private entities in the region.
This study is aimed at investigating the analytical framework and theoretical
undertakings of regional constitutionalism as applied in Asia. It is directed to a
contextual analysis of Asian constitutional jurisdictions, aiming at forming a model of
typology reflecting the dynamics of contemporary Asian constitutional development.
The last focus is placed on the context of (dis)integration in the region and ints
corresponding constituitonal undertaking, forming the features and arguing for the
nature of Asian constitutionalism.