Reflexive Republicanism: standards and designs beyond the republican revival

In his most recent book, entitled Beyond the Republican Revival (Hart, 2020), Eric Ghosh makes an authentic interpretation of the political republican tradition and critically analyzes negative and positive republican conceptions of freedom. Towards the end of his work, in chapters eight and nine, Ghosh provides compelling conceptual, normative and historical grounds for a particular form of constitutional juries. Considering this theoretical framework, this paper will pursue three main goals. First, to justify the existence of a third republican perspective, a reflexive one—which a priori does not completely overlap with the representative and participatory republican perspectives explored by Eric Ghosh. Second, to contrast Eric Ghosh’s citizen jury with the constitutional review proposals put forth by Philip Pettit, Richard Bellamy and Tom Hickey. Third, to propose a multi-situated constitutional review mechanism, which clearly differs from Eric Ghosh’s civic institutional design.