Public procurement and the new simplification procedure of the Italian Recovery Plan

The simplification procedure of the Public Procurement Code started with d.L. 32/2019 has undergone a strong acceleration with the explosion of Covid-19 pandemic; in addition to the previous decrees, today, the Government's action focuses on the Italian Recovery Plan. The Plan provides a specific simplification strategy on public procurement in part. 2.1.1 with two different measures: the “urgent” ones as a reinforcement of the simplification already provided for in d.L. 76/2020; and “fully operational” ones. The main goal is to use simplification as an instrument to fight corruption, which also led to the strengthening of e-Procurement with the establishment of the Recovery Procurement Platform. The analysis of the implementation of the Plan will be essential to understand how to combine simplification and procedural guarantees, especially in the fight against corruption.