Public Law and Public Power in Russia: the Two Unknowns, Well-known to Everyone

The division of branches of law into public and private is familiar to the Russian law. There has also been a tendency towards sectoral convergence within both groups, especially with regard to Public Law. An important factor here was the inclusion of the concept of ‘unified public power’ into the text of the Constitution in 2020. It is assumed that this amendment will entail the development of uniform standards for the functioning of public-power mechanisms to tackle, inter alia, threats like COVID-19.
However, despite constitutional guidelines, there is a lack of theoretical ground for the public power concept in the Russian legal doctrine, as well as understanding of the instruments that need to be developed to ensure its intersectoral regulation within the Public Law as a ‘super branch’. Consequently, both Public Law and power, albeit having resonance in Russia, remain to be ‘unknowns’ for legal scholars and practitioners, which undermines prospects of their future development.