Public Control of Covid-19 Emergency between the Choice of Administration and the Administrative Judge

In order to control coronavirus spreading in Italy public administration adopted a number of containment measures, regarding schools, public transports, and every public service. As the scenario of the pandemic is changeable from a local and temporal point of view, public regulation could not but find fulfilment, in many aspects, in meticulous and detailed administrative provisions. Thus, the emergency has marked a sudden reversal in the long-term trend that goes from the centrality of administrative supremacy, typical of the liberal phase, to parity between public administration and citizens, which characterizes contemporary constitutional democracies. The reaffirmed unilateral power of administrations in the emergency, however, is not a return to the past, thanks to the now well affirmed authoritativeness of the administrative judiciary. Administrative judge was given many powers in the reforms of the past decades, so really becoming the guardian of rationality in public choice.