Proxy Warfare in Ukraine: power politics in the new world order, between sanctions, propaganda and foreign fighters.

The paper aims at highlighting some of the features that qualify the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as a real proxy war. Far beyond the involvement of the 2 actors, the current events in Eastern Europe are rewriting the world geopolitical order, with the (in)direct confrontation between the Western bloc and the Russian world. In the first European war of the new millennium, we observe the Western desire for an involvement that is as soft as possible for domestic public opinion, but which in any case implies decisions that affect, even deeply, multiple constitutional rights (economic and press freedom), the limitation of which is justified precisely because of a state of war that has never actually been declared. This is clear from the economic sanctions, but also from the restrictions on the dissemination of certain information channels in European countries. The intervention of fighters of other nationalities on the battlefield is also significant in this context.