Protecting the Identity for Eternity? The Constitutional Courts’ Possible Roles in Safeguarding the Constitutional Stability

Ideally, a stable state is based on a stable constitution. The stability of a constitution based on several different factors. One of them is the eternity clause, which can help to safeguard the most important values of a state. If there is a discrepancy between the branches of power, the eternity clauses could be tools to protect the principles under higher protection. Could they have this power in the practice? How can the eternity clauses be used by the constitutional interpreter to keep the democratic balance?
The decision is in the hands of the constitutional courts, they can determine the content and the role of the clauses. Can the constitutional courts help to keep the citizen’s faith in the state? Can the eternity clauses have enough power in the practice to stand as limitations? The aim of this paper is to examine the possibilities related to the Constitutional Courts’ possible practices in maintaining democracy and rule of law while using the eternity clauses.