Privacy and Coronavirus: a Necessary Balance

The contribution aims to analyze the protection of personal data in light of the Covid-19 emergency. Italy, during this emergency, tried to find suitable means to protect the right to the protection of personal data. At EU level, the “digital green certificate” proposed by the European Commission was cautiously welcomed by the EU data protection regulators with a joint statement released 6 April 2021. The digital green certificate is designed to facilitate free movement within the EU during the pandemic. France became the first EU country to trial an app-based travel pass that stores negative COVID-19 test results and will soon allow vaccination certificates.
The decree that was recently adopted by the Italian government introducing the so-called ‘green pass’, or vaccination pass, is fraught with major criticalities such as to undermine the basic rights to free movent of people. Urgent measures are accordingly required to protect rights and freedoms of natural persons.