Presidential Terms, Electoral Contests and Protests against Dictatorial Regimes in in Africa

In spite of constitutional democracy installed in paper, African nations and people are suffering relentlessly by dictatorial regimes and the tendency to to rule over people against their free will. An oasis of comport may be gathered from a few countries like Mauritius,, Botswana, Tanzania and South Africa. Most other African countries suffer from trust deficit in the system. African constitutions are mostly designed in Presidential form of government making the term limit a constitutional necessity. However, constitutional term limit in many African countries are being changed in order to extend the lease of life to the class of elected dictatorship.These unhealthy trends are serving as retrograde steps reversing the gear of democratisation process in Africa.The examples of Zimbabwe, Burundi,Togo and election scene in Gambia and emerging scene in Algeria show a Kingly attitude to stay in power. The paper addresses the attendant issues and explores new paths to progress of democracy.