Presidency v. Congress? The system of government and a debate of its possible reform in Peru

In Peru, since 2016, there has been a tense interaction between Executive and Legislative Powers. The President, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, was elected by only 40000 votes more than his opponent, Keiko Fujimori. Her political party got 73 seats out of 130 in Congress.

There was frequent use of political control (votes of confidence and censure). After the President’s resignation due to accusations of corruption, the tension did not end when the Vice-President assumed the government. During his term, the new President dissolved the Congress and called for elections. And the new Congress declared his position vacant due to “permanent moral incapacity”.

The institutions related to the interaction between Executive and Legislative branches are in debate (votes of confidence and censure, dissolution of Congress, President’s vacancy). The presentation would discuss possible constitutional reforms, amid the Peruvian political regime: presidential with elements of parliamentarism.