Preserving the History of Brazilian Public Law Institutions: where the Constitution meets the legal system through Civil Procedure

The credibility of public institutions has been the object of debate, especially when it comes to countries with recent democracies, whose young institutions do not yet possess a somewhat large institutional history. This work analyses the way the 1988 Brazilian Constitution, the 2015 Civil Procedure Code (CPC) and the Introductory Law to Brazilian Norms (LINDB) intend to privilege the respect to institutional history of different State organs, ensuring trust in these institutions. Beginning with the legal certainty principle analysis, in its subjective aspect (the principle of legit trust protection) it is shown how the LINDB urges the respect to coherent behavior of the Administration, as well as of the Judiciary branch. Likewise, the CPC urges all parties litigating to act in objetive good faith, implementing a precedent system whose purpose is to privilege legal certainty, reaffirming Constitutional values, assuring trust in public organs through preservation of their history