Pregnant (Trans) Men and Reflections on Fatherhood

to their children with the aim of exploring the reaction of the law to changing notions and practices of ‘fatherhood’. The image of a pregnant man who gives birth to a child continues to trigger particular uproar due to the challenges it poses to gendered notions of pregnancy. Yet, as a result of medical, legal and social developments, many trans men today choose to legally transition without undertaking any physical alteration of the body. As such, they retain the ability to procreate and often do so by resorting to donor insemination. With very few exceptions, filiation laws attribute motherhood to the birth giver. Hence, trans men who give birth to their children are registered as the child’s ‘mother’, even if they are legally men and self-identify as ‘fathers’ or simply ‘parents’. What does this reveal about the legal construction of fatherhood? What makes someone a legal father today?