Possible Public Law Framework on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Security -AI Network and the Risk-

Artificial Intelligence (AI) may change our lives dramatically. At the same time, risks are pointed out in the incoming networked society supported by such artificial intelligence (hereafter AI). In this paper, I will discuss the possibility of a legal framework to prevent such risks. In particular, I would like to discuss the possibility of setting up a guideline such as principles on AI development which can be agreed internationally and could be used or applied as a standard. As for a concrete example, there is AI development research guidelines discussed in Japan since 2015. We still do not know whether many countries agree on such guidelines or not, but it could be a public legal framework to curb the risk of AI society. In conclusion, as a possible legal framework to lessen risks of AI networked society, setting up an internationalized guideline may be one of the appropriate solutions to prevent the risks associated with AI networked society.