Populist constitutionalism in Brazil in times of pandemic

Based on the invocation of the “people” populist projects seek to justify mis(uses) of constitutional law, to reach their political goals. Over the past decade a wave of authoritarian populism has emerged in international level, which poses a serious threat to constitutional democracies, once it priorizes national security over civil rights. The paper aims to analyze the authoritarian populist constitutionalism of Bolsonaro’s administration in Brazil during the Covid sanitary crisis. The study of the relation between populism and constitutional law is important, especially during the pandemic, because of populist governments’ attempts to concentrate powers through emergency normative acts. The Federal Supreme Court has played an important role in this context: within its judicial review competences has responded firmly to the populist attacks by the federal government. One can only hope that the STF itself does not take a populist stance and resist bravely the drive of public opinion.