Police investigation and interoperability of databases within the Italian Legal System and the European Union

Since there are not enough digitalisation initiatives dedicated to interoperability, the EU institutions believe that databases should communicate with each other in an automated way. Specifically, the European Union’s Area of Freedom, Security and Justice would require specific attention, with a focus on the investigation of organised crime and terrorism. This issue is part of the EU Strategy to tackle Organised Crime 2021-2025 and of Regulations (EU) 2019/817-818 that establish the interoperability framework even in the field of judicial and police cooperation between national (e.g. State Police) and European (e.g. Europol) authorities concerning the sharing of data and information. The implementation of European legislation requires an analysis of the relationship between powers of the State – considering our national Legal System and its constitutional profiles – and increases the need for in-depth analysis of the theoretical profiles, framed within a multilevel system.