Plunging into the legal conundrum: how relevant are EU law sources in Portugal?

EU law is the law of the land in the Member States. It is a layer of federal law in the bulk of legal fields that structure the national legal orders. One of the persistent legal conundrums of European integration has been the share of EU law applicable in the Member States. In 2007, Roman Herzog and Lüder Gerken mentioned that in Germany 84% came from European sources. That would have meant the fulfilment of Jacques Delors’ prophecy made in 1988 that in ten years 80% of the Member States legislation in the economic and social fields would came from the EU. Recent studies have, however, estimated that EU law may after all correspond to 10% to 20% of the applicable law in the Member States. Beyond discussing the reasons for these variations in the measurement of the share of EU law in the Member States, this contribution showcases the information related to Portugal collected by the Observatory of the Portuguese Legislation.