Patterns of civic mobilization in Poland: 5 years of the PiS government

Previous tenure of the Law and Justice party (PiS) was marked by several notable protests within the civil society. Occupational groups protested (medical doctors, teachers, parents of disabled persons, judges), and ordinary citizens were mobilized to protect independent courts. However, none of them achieved their aims, and none was transformed into a political party (however, some of the protesters successfully run for elections in 2019 from the lists of established parties). The aim of this paper is to analyze the motives for the civil dissent in years 2015-2019, as well as provide reasons why the protests did not manage to overthrow the PiS government. Contrarily, they were used to undermine public trust toward these specific groups via the smearing campaigns directed at some of the protesters. Applying three levels of recognition distinguished by Charles Taylor (1991), those groups were visible, but not listened to nor they found empathy within the members of the governing party.