Participation by Means of Political Parties at EU Level: State of the Art and Prospects

Pursuant to art. 10.4 TEU, Europarties should facilitate EU citizens’ (indirect) participation in the decision making process, by channeling their preferences into the Institutions of the Union, just as traditional national political forces do. However, as for now, this ambitious project has remained on paper: Europarties are victims of an “original sin”: they have been established, mostly under pressure by political groups in the European Parliament, as federations of domestic political parties. This presentation has the aim of bringing out the reasons behind Europarties’ failure, both at regulation and form of government level, thus understanding whether the upcoming revision of Regulation 1141/2014 could be a concrete opportunity to favour the realization of the objectives set by art. 10.4 TEU or whether, conversely, it will likely result in yet another “cosmetic” exercise, actually hiding the unwillingness to transfer “sovereign” powers to EU-level political forces.