New technologies and new challenges for public law

Technology has been (and still is) one of the most difficult challenges for public law, in particular for constitutional law.
In the course of history, the evolution of technology has forced mankind to forge new law to face new challenges and new problems: every great invention has always required the intervention of law.
Law inevitably reacts to changes in society and technology: an evolving society must be matched by a law able to adapt to different contexts.
The influence of technological factor on the evolution of modern state isn’t a new phenomenon.
But today this phenomenon has reached a dimension that, not too many years ago, was not even imaginable.
The stability of constitutional principles has become even more difficult since the advent of the Internet, defined as “the new horizon of contemporary constitutionalism”.
Public law is therefore called upon to an important, or perhaps epochal, intervention in response to the issues raised by the so-called digital revolution