Neoliberal and Welfare State Strategies of Development and of Understanding the Causes of the Crisis and Ways Out

This presentation deals with the neoliberal and welfare state conception of social development as dominant but mutually contrasted ones in the contemporary political discourse and real life.

Policies based on one or another conception have determined a destiny of many generations and will significantly determine solving of the current crisis and insofar also the destiny of future generations. There lies an importance of a comparative analyzing these two conceptions.

Main ideas behind this presentation are: 1. The neoliberal turn in a development of liberal capitalism from 1980s caused the current global and Euro zone crisis. 2. Austerity measures represent the neoliberal mechanism which cannot solve the crisis, but make it ever deeper; 3. The new welfare turn is necessary (different from the post WWII social welfare model)  for overcoming both the Euro zone and global crisis. 4. Standards of social progress have to be revived in terms of an essential inter-connection of the economic growth and the peoples` quality of life.