My Body Braille For Creeping Influences; Towards a 21st Century Constitution and Beyond

This paper centres on the idea that a 21st century constitution is not a 20th constitution, but nor is it a 22nd century constitution either. We live in an increasingly global, digital, and unequal world that is facing environmental ruin. There is a view that a 21st century constitution should include ecocentrism, happiness, and the promotion of economies of care and of meaning, and that it should reflect local and regional needs, as well as provide for a more inclusive society. We must have an eye to the present and scrutinise how it delineates from what came before, but also anticipate the future. This paper seeks to provide an overview as to what the concept of a 21st century constitution might entail in this context, with reference to Chile
How can we allow for ongoing constitutional definition and intergenerational communication going forward so as to clarify what the extent of these needs?