Much Ado About Nothing? The long lasting political resistance to the implementation of ECtHR Judgments on prisoners’ voting.

If we look at the good performance by the UK within the Convention system and at the well-functioning mechanisms provided by the Human Rights Act at national level, we may be surprised that the prisoners’ voting right issue has been for such a long time the battleground of a “political war” between the ECtHR and UK. But why is that? The reason is quite obvious: the issue touches upon the societal values of the community and the foundation of democracy. Surprisingly after the clamour of the long period of resistance, the epilogue of the prisoners’ voting saga has arrived quietly. The rather weak solution proposed by the UK and endorsed by the Committee of Ministers, could be read as a victory for all (a Pyrrich victory for the Convention system and a political victory for the UK). The proposed paper will look through the prisoners’ voting saga, highlighting the two sides of the conflict and it will deepen the (possible) adverse consequences of the UK’s minimalist compliance.