Mexican National Guard: Conventionality and public aims

We analyze the constitutional creation of the National Guard (NG) in Mexico. We study the constitutional amendment from a inter- American Human Rights perspective, because the NG would be integrated by military and naval police with a civilian as commander and we consider it is against the Interamerican Human Rights System . The fact that public security tasks would be under the scope of a military body may not only imply a threat to the constitutional State but also a risk for the population.
In Montero Aranguren et al. V. Venezuela and in Cabrera García and Montiel Flores v. Mexico the Interamerican Court of Human Rights (ICHR) ruled that armed forces employment for security tasks should be limited to the maximum and respond to criteria of strict exceptionality to face situations of criminality or internal violence, given that the training received by the military forces is aimed at defeating the enemy and not at the protection and control of civilians.”