Methodology and the future of EU law

Latest debates about the methods and methodology of EU law are largely data driven or advocate deeper law-in-context methods or historical studies. Indeed, a significant body of research is developing which contends that the future of EU law must be empirical to realise its scientific benefits, to develop the discipline and to broaden the reach of lawyers beyond the doctrinal. This paper introduces the special issue on the future of EU law as a question of methodology using methodological, conceptual and constructivist lenses. It engages in a reflection on the future of EU law threefold: it considers 1) directly the place of the methodological lens, looking across sub-disciplines and fields of EU law; it considers 2) the place of a future conceptual lens of sub-fields and shifts taking place within fields (competence, politics, institutions, litigation) and it finally considers 3) the place of a constructed lens in formulating the future of EU law as a question of methodology.