Memory, remembrance and reconciliation: words that matter: a glossary for journalism in Cyprus

In 2018, the OSCE issued a document entitled ‘Words that Matter: A Glossary for Journalism in Cyprus’. It contains over 50 words used by Greek Cypriot or Turkish Cypriot media which are considered by the drafters to be potentially damaging to reconciliation efforts. On most occasions, the explanation of problematic usage resulted from the offence caused to the ‘other’ community (in most cases offence caused to Turkish Cypriots). In only a handful of the words did the issues of negative stereotyping and incitement to discrimination constitute the motivation for amending language. Since the glossary was an initiative led by an international organisation, its dilution of historical facts such as the internationally recognised invasion is troublesome. This paper will critically analyse the glossary and assess the extent to which such reconciliation initiatives may hamper free speech, memory and remembrance.