Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence Legislations (mHRDD) in Europe: hope for extraterritorial obligations in business and human rights?

In 2017 the UN ESCR Committee clarified that International law obliges States to regulate corporations domiciled in their territory and/or jurisdiction for their activities abroad and to take all the reasonable measures that could prevent the occurrence of a violation. Recent evolutions demonstrate that some States (i.e. France, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland and Switzerland) are working towards the adoption of national legislations imposing companies human rights due diligence in their global supply chains. While these developments could represent an important sign of hope for the future development of ETOs related to non-state actors, a question remains: are these legislations enough to protect human rights from corporate abuses extraterritorially? The present intervention aims at answering to this question through a comparative analysis of the most recent developments on mandatory human rights due diligence at EU level and in European member states.