Los Tratados comerciales y la privatización del derecho: amenazas para la soberanía y la democracia.

The deepening of the neoliberal or ordoliberal globalization that has taken place in recent decades has radically modified the relationship between the State and the market. The autonomization of the regulation of markets, removing it from the legislative power and even from the executive power itself, has transferred a large part of the regulatory power to agencies called independent. The example of the “independence” of the Central Banks allows us to see the consequences but the extension of this model to many other fields, granting the capacity to make decisions, self-regulating to create “private law” is a step of incalculable scope for the future of democracy. A further step is the creation of “international tribunals” of a private nature. The TTIP and other bilateral treaties show the extent of the flight from the law by the great global economic powers and the threats hanging over the sovereign legislative capacity and over the jurisdiction of the judiciary itself.