Legal Personality of State in Shia-Imamie Jurisprudence

The concept of legal personality has always been among the most favorite concepts of legal and philosophical studies. The concept has its roots in private law and in order to approach the meaning of the notion in public law, it is therefore convenient to review the function of personality in private law. The most important actor and legal personality which stands in the core of Public Law is state which the concept of its legal personality is the object of this study.
The emergence of the concept of legal personality of the state can be reviewed from different points of view. Legal personality of states was always of interest for Islamic philosophers and jurists. This concept undoubtedly has precursors in Shia jurisprudence specially in Iran, since The Safavid dynasty. So, this study is trying to find the roots and to provide a theory of legal personality of state in Shia jurisprudence