‘Leave No One Behind’? Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and the Sustainable Developments Goals

This paper aims to discuss the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the inclusion of LGBTI people, often under circumstances of discrimination, exclusion and vulnerability. In African continent, the prevalence of laws criminalizing the same-sex conduct challenges the objectives of SDG. The seventeen sustainable development goals cover a wide range of areas, and purpose to bring prosperity for all human beings. They are an opportunity to LGBTI people as they aspire more inclusive societies. Despite of this ambitious objectives, no reference to LGBTI people was made on the previewed milestones, neither to sexual orientation nor gender identity as grounds that may generate inequalities. Going in deep to the SDG, to the International Human Rights Law and sexual orientation, this paper aims to highlight the potentialities of the SDG to a better protection of LGBTI people in both African and Interamerican regional contexts.