Law 20.609: An useful tool for women? Analysis of the Chilean Law against discrimination from a gender perspective

In Chile, in July 2012, the Law 20.609 which establishes measures against discrimination, was approved. Few years after its publication this article analyses, with a gender perspective, whether the definition of discrimination, the measures contemplated in the Law – to prevent and protect those who suffer discrimination, to punish those who are responsible and, eliminate it – are effective or not protecting women. The study of the recommendations given to Chile in 2018 by the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), allows us to conclude that women suffer different and complex ways of discrimination that have not been addressed.
A revision of the Law and last years jurisprudence in relation to the 'non-discrimination action' established in the Law – particularly cases of discrimination on sexual grounds – considering the particularities of the discriminatory phenomena that affect women in Chile, shows that it is an insufficient tool to protect women.